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Re-Boost Matifying Hydrating Cream Combination Oily Skin 50 Ml Sealed Testers

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My Clarins RE-BOOST matifying hydrating cream A daily moisturizer that is an energizing morning cocktail of fruit extracts to visibly reduce pores and shine, while boosting skin’s hydration. Pink matte-gel formula is infused with a refreshing blend of Organic Goji Berry, Fig, Meadowsweet, Organic Strawberry Tree Fruit, Acerola seed and Tamarind pulp acids—plus detoxifying flower waters—to keep your skin healthy-looking, non-greasy, comforted and hydrated throughout the day.My Clarins exclusive Healthy In & Out complex is comprised of Organic Coconut Water to put nutrients into the skin and Alpenrose extract to flush out toxins and pollutants.