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Jennifer Lopez Freedom System Hd Highlighter Trio J141 Gold Dust

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Blush, tan glow. Improve the natural radiance of your skin with the freedom system High Definition highlighter Trio. Make the most of three bright luminous colours separately or together for a multi-dimensional Light Power. Accentuate you strategically certain areas of the face and steer you attention of the bumps. Focus is the ultra-fine shimmer effect plays the leading role in your look. Of Sivieren you will find everything you need to know about the colour, to achieve a dramatic Spiegelartigen effect or gently for a romantic glow – the shine lasts for hours. Perfect for your look the perfect finishing touch, or your sun tan A superb fitting.
Available in two different colours for all skin types.
The unique freedom system allows you to products with colours to mix and adjustable, so that you can personalise palettes of all sizes.
Special ingredients:
Flattering pigmen Tehd pigments: Reflection The Light and concealed roughness Enriched with mica: For a better application at the Betonenden section, provides a soft focus effect the wrinkles and imperfections Conceals