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Nail Polish Smalto 2X5 Ml


Color :

Infaillible Gel 12* days is the 1st hybrid gel polish from L'Oréal Paris that challenges UV manicure. up to 12 days of intense color. up to 12 days of extreme shine. The nail polish that combines a professional finish with the convenience of a nail polish: easy to apply, even easier to remove! How to use: Step 1 - THE COLOR 1. spread the first coat of color and wait for it to dry 2. for a color more intense, repeat the application.Step 2 - THE GEL TOP COAT 1. apply the first coat of gel top coat and wait for it to dry 2. for maximum shine, repeat the application 3. for a perfect result re-apply the gel top coat every two days.Made in France, contents 1 top coat 5 ml, 1 color polish 5 ml; measurements and weight: length 137 mm; thickness 19mm; weight 65 g.*Shelf life up to 12 days, 61% satisfaction after the application of the routine and reapplication of the top coat every 2 days. Tested on 103 women.