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Eye Ultimate Eye Base Eye primer 15 Ml


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Makeup Revolution Ultimate Eye Base Eye Primer 15ml is a perfect eyeshadow base for you to achieve any intense and lasting look. In this sense, this product works as a base for your favorite eye products, whether shadows or even eyeliners. This is because when applied on the eyelid, this product makes the rest adhere better to your skin. In turn, this leads to their duration being prolonged as well as the intensity of the colors being greater. So, you don't have to worry about anything else but rocking your makeup look!

Regarding its texture, it has a super thick consistency for crease-free perfection. So your favorite products are guaranteed not to crease over time. Furthermore, this base has a soft, neutral color so you can get as simple and natural a look as possible. This way you can perfectly use it alone or with a small eyeliner and that's it! Finally, regarding its composition, this product has moisturizing and protective properties that guarantee maximum comfort for your skin. So, not only do you get an incredibly intense and long-lasting look, but your eyelids will thank you for this treat.