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Makeup Revolution Face Loose Baking Powder Banana Deep 32 Gr

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Makeup Revolution Loose Baking Powder Banana Deep 32g is a bestselling Makeup Revolution product perfectly suited to all skin types. Moreover, this range is available in several shades, each one suitable for a specific skin tone. That said, this loose powder ends up prolonging the wear of makeup, banishing shine, brightening, and balancing skin tone. Specifically, this finely milled powder effortlessly adheres to the skin leaving it with a natural and matte finish at the same time. In turn, the entire complexion is uniform and the makeup lasts much longer. Whether it's a liquid foundation or a creamier concealer, these are guaranteed to last for a long time. Moreover, your skin gains a natural luminosity while excess sebum is controlled and avoided. Finally, you can apply this powder with a precision baking sponge or a fluffy brush for a more natural look. All in all, this loose powder guarantees a very even, mattified complexion and a beautifully extended, intact makeup look.